fredag den 27. april 2012

The Niels Praestholm / Chris Stover New Quartet, featuring Michael Gregory and Andrew Drury 

During the next two weeks I'll be in New York to perform and record with some of New York's finest. My good friend trombonist and composer Chris Stover and I has put together a new quartet. This has given me the opportunity to introduce Chris to my old friend legendary guitarist Michael Gregory and it is going to be a ball to hear these great musicians perform together. Chris has suggested that we invite drummer Andrew Drury to be the fourth member of the quartet and what I have heard on Andrew's website and on You Tube etc. it is going to be very interesting.
We will rehearse all next week and we are playing two performances Friday and Sunday. One at the Douglass Street Music Collective on Friday 4th and one at The Brooklyn Jazz Undergrounds venue at the Sycamore on Sunday 6th. Check these venues out on and

Michael Gregory was first known as an important member od the 1970es loft jazz scene with such artists as Oliver Lake, Pheroan AkLaff, Julius Hemphill, Leo Wadada Smith and many others. Today he is performing with Wadada Leo Smith groups as well of his own projects and different projects with yours truly. This year we will put out two or more CD's together. Among these recordings the recording we are going to do next week in New York with The New Quartet.

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