torsdag den 14. oktober 2010

Gyroscope String Trio "Precessions"

To start a new band is always a thrill. When I sat in my studio in spring 2009 writing for my new string based group I knew that it was going to be an awesome experience. Not only was the instrumentation with three string players drums and one single horn going to open up for some new sounds only rarely heard before. Also I had to call in some very special musicians to fulfil this ambition.

Creating the music was not so hard. My experience writing for string players goes way back and I have stumbled over most of the mistakes you can make with these instruments. But I was not sure about how a group like this would satisfy the expectations one has for a "jazz" sound. Would it be powerful enough, would the harmonies get across and would would the rhythmic articulation be to week to make it swing probably.

Finally we met for the first rehearsal. Cellist Alain Grange had come in from France and violast Bergmund W. Skaslien from Norway. Not surprisingly evryones schedule had only allowed us two rehearsals before the gig and as usual I was terrified about how bad the music sounded the first evening.

But, as it has happened many times before, everything was in the pocket for the first gig and after four concerts we where ready to go to the studio and record.

The recording session was a ball. The sound at Thomas Vangs On Location Studio was great and the music was really happening. After some five hours we had a lot of music to choose from.

And now it is here. The Gyroscope String Trio "Precessions" 11 tracks of my compositions and improvisations by the string trio. Next week it will be available on my website. Until then drop me a note and I will send you one.

Cheers, Niels