onsdag den 9. februar 2011

Bo Jacobsen SPIRIT New CD release on Embla Music coming soon

Altoist and drummer, the original Bo Jacobsen, from legendary cult band Blue Sun, is really back in improvized music. Alongside with Swedish multiinstrumentalist Bebe Risenfors, drummer Kresten Osgood and myself on the bass he arrived in DJBFA's fine old house on the small island of Samsø in late spring 2010. I had brought my ProTools studio and Bebe some of his vintage Swedish microphones.
The magic appeared instantly. Bo still got the magic from the days in the late 60's where Blue Sun could tour Denmark and play there improvised outgoing music anywhere and draw hundreds of people to there concerts. Bo's approach to free playing, and some songs written by his old brother in arms legendary Blue Sun founder and bassist Poul Ehlers, led us to some beautiful music that really differs from what you hear mostly on the improv scene these days.
The CD is mixed and mastered now and Hreinn Gudlaugsson has done another masterpiece cover. Yesterday it went of to print and it will be available in my web shop in a couple of weeks. Real SPIRIT!!

mandag den 7. februar 2011

Art Ensemble Syd with Andrew D'Angelo

This Saturday alto saxophonist and bass clarinetist Andrew D'Angelo visited Sønderborg and did a great workshop and recording with Art Ensemble Syd. D'Angelo is a virtuoso on his instruments, a creative and spiritual force and a friendly and loving person. His experience with surviving serious illness gives his personality and his art an very strong energy and positive attitude towards life. He is constantly trying to share this gratitude with everyone and it was a wonderful experience to meet him and play with him on a grey and rainy winters day.